Jess Pliszka

Jess Pliszka, MS, LPC, NCC (she/her)

  • Licensure: LPC (#10135-125), Wisconsin
  • Services Offered: Individual, Group, Neurodiversity Screenings (ASD and ADHD)
  • Population Served: Women or AFAB 16+ years old.
  • Founder of NeuroJess Women’s Neurocounseling Center
    • Are you an adult woman (or AFAB) questioning Autism or ADHD? Are you struggling with the stress and anxiety of trying to be “normal?” Do feel socially awkward and experience sensory concerns? You compare yourself to others and often feel overwhelmed to the point of feeling like you are having a meltdown. You feel like you’re different from everyone else and don’t fit in. It’s exhausting feeling out of control, but the good news is, together, we can help you embrace the real you and enjoy life without putting in so much effort trying to please others.
    • As the only female neurodivergence specialist in WI, I will help you learn how to be your true authentic self, without masking and changing who you are to “fit in” to society. As a neurodivergent woman, I connect with you on a deeper level. You deserve to feel validated, and I can assist you in determining which neurodivergent criteria you best fit into.
    • I’ll provide you with a safe, neurodiversity affirming therapy space and offer you a variety of simple tools you can use to learn how to work with your brain instead of working against it. I have an empathetic and understanding approach that includes using humor as a tool. I look forward to helping you start your new journey to a happier and healthier life!
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  • Instagram: @jesspliszka

Dana Butler, LMFT (she/her/they/them)

  • LMFT in MN 3212 and WI 1203
  • Services: Individual, family, specific training in MN to use DC0-5 for birth- age 5 assessments, Child Parent Psychotherapy rostered, Circle of Security Parenting Facilitator, EMDR trained, ACES Interface Trainer, Both in person and telehealth (I’ve done all of the listed tasks via tele and in person).
  • Dana’s message: I am an LMFT who was diagnosed with ADHD late in life. I specialize in working with children and families, GLBTQIA++, Neurodivergent folx and trauma. While I am an expert in mental health YOU are the expert in yourself, your family and your child. We work as a true team bringing our gifts together to create change, advocate to ensure needs are met in and out of therapy, and to bring about healing. When I am not working as a therapist I am laughing with my family which includes a late in life diagnose Autistic and ADHD husband, Autistic and ADHD son, and Twice Exceptional daughter. I am also active in our local communities advocating for equity, support, acceptance and systemic change.
  • (P) 218-297-0055 (F) 218-326-7961
  • Facebook: Embrace Mental Health, LLC