Amelia Galier Slama

Neurodivergent Therapists was created in May 2021 by Amelia Galier Slama. Amelia had recently started her own teletherapy practice after being diagnosed as autistic. Due to her lived experience, she realized the importance of helping neurodivergent clients find neurodivergent providers. This lead to the creation of this directory with the help of Charene Creative.

All providers listed in this directory have made the decision to be open about their identity to create safe spaces for neurodivergent clients. We do not ask for proof of diagnosis from providers who join the directory, as we accept those who are formally diagnosed and those who identify as neurodivergent. This is also true for clients who are seeking services with providers listed on the directory.

You can support the directory by sharing it with your family, friends, and colleagues. You can also donate to help support the maintenance of the directory here: Our PayPal. Thank you!