Colleen Torrey, MA she/her/hers

Colleen Torrey, MA (she/her/hers)

  • Pre-licensed in Pennsylvania (under supervision of Erin C. Diehl PC008888)
  • Colleen’s message: “I work with neurodivergent womxn with a speciality in trauma. Prior to private practice, I worked in the field of domestic violence and sexual violence for 4 years as a crisis counselor. My passion for neurodiversity and helping womxn heal/empower themselves is what led me to the work that I do today. I feel honored to share and hold space for neurodivergent womxn that share similar experiences to myself. I offer EMDR and Brainspotting. I am also trained in couple’s therapy (Gottman level 1).”
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Shira Collings

Shira Collings, Pre-Licensed (she/they)

  • Legal name: “Emily Sheera Collings”
  • Pre-licensed clinician working under supervision. Currently located in Pennsylvania, but can work with clients in AZ, CO, DE, GA, IL, UT, MO, NJ, NE, NH, NV, OK, PA, TX, VA, NC, AK, OH, TN, and WV.
  • Offers individual, family, and couples services.
  • Shira’s message: “I specialize in working with people with eating disorders, disordered eating, and body image concerns, as well as those with substance use and trauma histories. As a queer, neurodivergent therapist, I am passionate about providing LGBTQIA+ and neurodiversity affirming care. My therapeutic approach is informed by the Health At Every Size paradigm, fat liberation, feminism, disability justice, and queer and trans liberation. I believe that healing comes from feeling heard, seen, and valued, and I strive to create a space in which clients can express their full, authentic selves.”
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Emily MacDonald

Emily MacDonald, LSW (she/her)

  • LSW (accruing hours toward LCSW) in PA. License #SW137436 (Supervised by Lisa Wood LCSW license #CW014157)
  • Individual therapy by telehealth.
  • Emily’s message: My practice includes individual therapy with adults 18+ focusing on mental health, identity, life transition and burnout concerns. My style is non-pathologizing, collaborative and individualized. I use an anti-oppression social justice framework and believe that problems exist outside of people, not inside of them. My role is to try to be helpful in ways that are personally meaningful to you as you identify what continues to be influential in your life. I identify as queer and neurodivergent and am allied with body positive, sex positive, consensually non-monogamous, kink, and disabled communities. I’m passionate about trauma informed care, the social model of disability and realistic wellness for all of us. Representation matters. As a neurodiversity affirming and LGBQTIA+ welcoming and affirming therapist I’m committed to ongoing training in our communities to offer the safest therapeutic space I can. My own self work includes identifying, challenging, and unlearning narratives that perpetuate systemic harm and participating in the ongoing practice of anti-racism.
  • Contact info:
    • 80 W. Welsh Pool Rd., Suite 103b, Exton, PA 19341
    • Ph: (484)712-0221
    • Email:
Jennifer Sevier

Jenn Sevier, LPC, LCPC (she/they)

  • Founder of Authentic Therapy Services, LLC
  • Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania (PC011375); Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Board Approved Supervisor in Maryland (LC4572)
  • Services: Individual therapy for adults (18+) across PA and MD via telehealth, Clinical Supervision, Case Consultation
  • Coming Soon (Spring / Summer 2023): Gender Affirming Care Letters (free of charge); Neurodiversity-Affirming Autism and ADHD Assessments
  • Jenn’s Message: I am a queer, late-diagnosed Autistic ADHD’er providing neurodiversity and LGBTQIA+ affirming therapy via telehealth. Despite being in the mental health field for over 14 years, it was not until my own journey as a late-diagnosed neurodivergent individual that I decided to focus on the unique needs of ND clients who are navigating the obstacles of living within a neurotypical societal framework. I consider my clients to be the ultimate authority on their lived experiences, and strive to foster a space of safety, validation, and personal exploration. My approach is primarily person-centered with a strong emphasis on the values of authenticity, curiosity, and self-advocacy. All services are grounded in an anti-oppression framework and are affirmative of: Neurodiversity, LGBTQIA+, Gender and Sexual Identities, Kink /Sexual Outsiders, and Polyamory / Ethically Nonmonogamous Relationship Structures.
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  • Phone: (717) 819-9500
Julianne Ortiz

Julianne Ortiz, LPC (She/Her/Hers)

  • LPC in the state of Pennsylvania (MS, NCC, LPC, CTMH)
  • Services: Individual teletherapy
  • Julianne’s message: I work with neurodivergent folks on problem solving skills, stress management, life transition and just navigating daily life. I know from personal experience that having a differently wired brain presents its own set of unique challenges. I also feel drawn to help others with the grief process associated with being diagnosed with a chronic illness. Grief is a part of the human experience, but it can be hard to make sense of it at times. While I use the modality of CBT, I would say my style more aligns with strength based or solution focused counseling. I also have some knowledge in motivational interviewing.
  • Website:
  • 717-910-1440
Kristen Catlin

Kristen Catlin, LICSW (she/her)

  • MA LICSW #116184 and PA LCSW #CW021154
  • Individual telehealth for Adults 18+ only
  • Kristen Catlin, LICSW (she/her), is a licensed Psychotherapist, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapist (KAP) and a Recovery Coach. Kristen brings a wealth of personal experience and authenticity that a formal education cannot teach. She has an established reputation for providing Culturally and Neurodiverse-Affirming, client-centered and strengths-based supports. Kristen understands the many ways Intersectionality impacts people’s lives and is a staunch advocate for de-stigmatizing mental health and substance abuse. She is a teacher, trainer, clinical supervisor and a consultant. Kristen identifies as LGBTQIA, in Recovery and is Neurodiverse.
  • Kristen engages and supports clients throughout their therapy journey with an Integrative/Multi-Modality approach, to better cater the supports and interventions to the client-specific needs, working from a “What matters to you?” vs a “What is the matter with you?” standpoint.
  • Kristen specializes in working with Adults with Autism, CPTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorders, SUD and SMI.
Steffeny Feld

Steffeny Feld, LCSW (she/her)

  • Licensed in Missouri (LCSW) and Pennsylvania
  • Services: EMDR Therapy and EMDR Intensives in person in St Louis or online throughout Missouri. Virtual only in Pennsylvania.
  • Steffeny’s message: Offering specialized support to process religious trauma and spiritual abuse. Holding space for intersections of neurodiversity, queerness, and people living with chronic illness.
  • Website:
  • FB: KaleidoscopeCounselingSTL
  • Email:
  • Call or text: (314) 623-2393