Samantha D. Carlton, MS, LMFT

Samantha D. Carlton, MS, LMFT (she/her/they)

  • Licensure: Licensed Marital and Family Therapist in Oklahoma, USA
  • Services: Individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, OK MFT licensure candidate supervision, parenting consultation, ND consultation; in-person and virtual options available.
  • Sam’s message: “I’m Sam and I offer collaborative psychotherapy for those who’ve endured more than most– where you’re treated like a person, not a pathology.”
  • Phone: 405.896.9216
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • IG: @samantha.carlton.lmft
Camille Sears

Camille Sears, LPC, LCPC, ATR (She/Her/Hers)

  • Licensure: LPC in Oklahoma (10800), LCPC in Illinois (180.011513), and ATR (national) (17-023)
  • Services: Individual, Couples, Group Yoga, Art Therapy, Age 15+, Teletherapy only, insurance and private pay($150)
  • Camille’s message: I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Licensed Art Therapist with 10 years of professional work experience. I work with clients with a wide range of concerns including ADHD, anxiety, interpersonal/relationship issues, parenting struggles, career challenges, and life transitions. I also work with couples to repair trust, improve communication, and strengthen their emotional intimacy. I specialize in art therapy as a modality of counseling because it encourages processing emotions through creative expression. Art therapy accesses the right hemisphere of the brain where all emotional and traumatic memories are stored. Each session I create an individualized approach through combining traditional talk therapy techniques with specialized art therapy prompts in order to help individuals release life’s emotional and mental blocks. Taking the first step to seeking a more fulfilling and happier life takes courage. I am here to support you in that journey.
  • Practice name: Kaleidoscope Healing Arts
    • Camille Sears, LCPC, ATR
    • Address: 7521 S. Olympia Avenue West #1100, Tulsa, OK 74132
    • Phone: 918-200-2894