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Kate McNulty

Kate McNulty, LCSW (any pronouns)

  • LCSW in OR, WA, ME, NY, FL
  • Kate’s message: “I see individual adults (18+) and couples. I also work with parent-adult child relationships. I provide diagnostic services and therapy from an autistic-centered perspective. I am autistic, strengths-based and affirming of neurodivergence. Two of my books have been published, Love & Asperger’s ( title was determined by publisher; I use the term Autism) and Parenting Adult Children. I’m certified as a Gottman Relationship Therapist and as an AASECT Sex Therapist.”
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  • Websites:,, and
Amy Marschall

Amy Marschall, PsyD, she/her

  • Licensed psychologist in Florida, Montana, North Dakota, New York, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.
  • Services: My practice is almost completely telehealth – I can do in-person for evaluations that can’t be done virtually (like if someone needs an IQ test for disability services or something) for those local to me in SIoux Falls, South Dakota. I do individual and family therapy as well as diagnostic evaluations. I have done groups in the past but don’t have any going right now.
  • Amy’s message: I incorporate evidence-based interventions as well as a client-centered approach to therapy that empowers YOU to be in charge of your treatment. My practice is trauma-informed, which means that I recognize the prevalence of trauma in the general population and take steps to create a comfortable environment that feels safe and empowering for all clients. All of my sessions are conducted via telemental health using HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing through Zoom. I believe each client is the expert on themselves. As a psychologist, I can offer insight into symptoms and mental health diagnoses, but no one knows you and your experience better than you. In addition, my psychology practice emphasizes social justice, cultural competence, and LGBTQ+ affirming care.
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  • Twitter: @DrAmyPsyD
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  • Other contact info is here:
Sydney Faith Rose

Sydney Rose (She/Her, They/Them)

  • Licensure: NY, NC (Pending), FL (Pending)
  • Services: Individual Therapy, Assessment & Diagnosis, EMDR (Integrative Trauma Therapy), & Chronic Pain/Illness Burnout Support (Offered in Any State)
  • Sydney’s message: My clients have many different kinds of diagnoses (or none at all) and are seeking a skilled and compassionate confidant in their pursuit of post traumatic growth. My work is rooted in a deep commitment to learning, listening and teaching as much as I can about the way our minds, bodies and hearts respond to stress. I love working with neurodivergent clients to help them better understand and heal their nervous systems and to come up with and implement practical strategies for managing life. I entered the world of mental health as a disability focused activist and a social worker. Intersectional feminist therapy is part of my training. I work to continue pursuing education anti-racism, gender identity, and more. I want all parts of you to feel welcome in therapy.
  • Phone: (201) 528-3509
  • Email:
  • Website:
Mollie Gibson

Mollie Gibson, LMSW (she/they)

  • LMSW licensed in New York
  • Services: Teletherapy for individuals 18+, private pay only.
  • I work with late-identified and late-diagnosed ADHD, Autistic, and AuDHD adults along their journey towards self understanding and self acceptance. Through our work together, clients can expect to reconsider old narratives and long held beliefs that may have disempowered or caused harm to their self esteem. With each client, I adjust my therapeutic approach around the current needs or goals of the individual. This may include: exploring and accommodating your sensory needs, strengthening self advocacy skills, boundary work, energy management coaching, scripting and self-expression. I also provide a great deal of psychoeducation around holistic ADHD management, and the various traits, experiences and intersectional identities that often co-occur with ADHD and/or Autism.
  • I enthusiastically support those who self-identify, as I believe nobody knows your brain better than you. If you are neurodivergent, neurocurious, queer or simply trying to figure it out; my hope is that you find belonging here.
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  • Schedule a free 30-minute consultation here:
Rachel Bean

Rachel Bean (She/her)

  • Licensure: Licensed Psychoanalyst, NYS
  • Services: Adult individuals. Private pay/OON.
  • Rachel’s message: I do psychoanalytic work primarily with late diagnosed autistic adults, helping them recognize and disrupt the patterns in their lives that no longer serve them so they can re-orient to the past, ground themselves in the present, and embrace their unique future. The aim of my practice is to provide a space for neurodiversity to grow and transform what mental health care can be for autistic people.
  • Website:
Dotti Howe

Dotti Howe, LMHC (She/her)

  • Licensure: LMHC in NY and VT
  • Services: Children (all ages) & Adults, individual, parent support counseling via teletherapy, OON & private pay. Educational Consultation throughout the U.S.
  • Dotti’s message: I work with all that are misunderstood. While my specialty is working with autistics and ADHD, due to misdiagnoses in females, adopted youth, LGTBQIA2S+, and BIPOC, I welcome all so that we can discover an affirmative proper assessment for answers and treatment. I specialize in helping children learn practical methods for managing difficult emotions and difficult situations at school as well as adults in the workplace. I help parents learn research-based parenting that is emotionally safe and improves crisis stabilization at home and school, including throughout the circle of life. I include parents in the process of discovering techniques that actually help children, including improving family function and relationships. As an Army veteran, I assist active duty and retired veterans, their families, and civilian contractors suffering from PTSD, and difficulties navigating and transitioning into a military or civilian lifestyle. Additionally, I specialize in substance use treatment and familial substance use treatment support.
  • Shared Identifies: Neurodivergent, Adoptee, Veteran, 30 + years substance use recovered
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  • Websites:
Malia Rogers

Malia Rogers, MHC-LP (she/they)

  • MHC-LP in NYS
  • Services: I offer teletherapy for adults and provide individual and couples therapy sessions.
  • Payment: Private Pay/OON
  • Malia’s message: I have many years of experience supporting emerging adults and LGBT2QIA+ folx through major life transitions and anxieties, assisting with identity exploration and development, navigating various relationships, and identifying goals and hopes for the future. I am well-informed on topics like body neutrality, neurodivergence, and practical coping skills.
    • I believe that every human is the expert of their own story and strive to empower clients to take on an active and collaborative role within the therapeutic relationship. I am committed to meeting clients where they are in the present moment and welcome clients of all neurotypes, genders, identities, relationship styles, kinks, and creeds.
  • Website:
  • Phone: 917-268-2520
  • Email:
Kasi J Jones

Kasi J Jones, LCSW (she/her/hers)

  • Licensure: LCSW (082364) in NY
  • Services: Individual therapy for children, adolescents and adults. Couples and family therapy.
  • Payment accepted: Self pay with sliding scale option. Out of network reimbursement available for most insurance plans.
  • Kasi’s message: Have you struggled with self esteem, social anxiety and communicating boundaries? Do you feel as though you are trapped in a constant cycle of executive dysfunction and feel as though you just can’t keep up with life the way it seems others do? Do you feel that your mood is up and down and are exhausted by navigating life and relationships? If so, you are not alone. My approach to therapy is one that is person centered. Building the self concept and increasing awareness of needs can support in improving executive functioning, building and maintaining healthy relationships and finding a sense of meaning and belonging in your life.
    • I am a late diagnosed AuDHD therapist specializing in complex trauma recovery, supporting others in their own late diagnosis ADHD and/or Autism healing journey and in working with highly sensitive persons. I am a neurodivergent aware and affirming therapist with 12 years of experience providing individual, couples, family and group counseling services.
    • I strongly believe that you have the strength and resources necessary to create a life that is worth living. As your therapist, I am committed to supporting you in the path of self discovery and advocacy.
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  • Website:
Anya Josephs

Anya Josephs, LMSW (they/them)

  • Licensure: LMSW (1215654439) in New York, USA
  • Services: I offer individual, couple, and family therapy, both in-person in my Chelsea office and virtually. I also offer holistic assessment for autism and ADHD.
  • Payment accepted: My practice is not in network with any insurance. I do offer sliding scale and pro bono spots, though there may be a waitlist for these appointments. I offer superbills.
  • Anya’s message: My expertise is particularly in working with body image and eating disorders, with people who have (or wish to explore the possibility of) autism and/or ADHD, with people experiencing self-injury or suicidal ideation, and with people diagnosed with “treatment-resistant” disorders.
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  • Psychology Today:
Erika Mitchell-Halvorsen

Erika Halvorsen, LCSW (she/her)

  • Licensure: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (070517) in New York
  • Services: Collaborative, neurodiversity-affirming assessments and therapy. Children, adults, couples, families. Certified DIR Floortime Practitioner.
  • Payment accepted: In network with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, can provide superbill for out-of-network insurance reimbursement. Private pay with limited sliding scale.
  • Erika’s message: Over 25 years experience. Passionate about providing accessible, collaborative, neurodiversity-affirming, trauma-informed assessments, advocacy, and therapeutic support. LGBTQIA+ inclusive and affirming, and committed to practicing from a place of cultural humility and anti-racism.
  • Email:
Nicole Cipriani

Nicole Cipriani, MS, OTR/L, BCP (She/Her)

  • Licensure: Occupational Therapist (014865) in NY
  • Services: I offer individualized, neurodiversity-affirming, trauma-informed occupational therapy services for teens and adults in individual and group sessions. I offer telehealth services as well as in-home sessions in Manhattan, NY.
  • Payment accepted: My practice is private pay. I have a sliding scale.
  • Nicole’s message: I have been practicing OT for over 20 years, specializing in working with neurodivergent teens and adults to promote ease in life for all of my clients. I can help you explore your sensory, motor, emotional, and executive skill profile to help develop skills, modify approaches, and develop proactive routines for comfortable function. I enjoy using my passions in creating art, crafting, meditation, and yoga (and other movement-based activities) in sessions. Occupy Yourself is my podcast!
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  • Website:
Polina Shkadron

Polina Shkadron, MA/SLP, MSNE, CTP, ADHD-RSP

  • Licensure: Speech-Language Pathologist (019970) in New York
  • Services: Specializing in autism, ADHD, and language processing through play. Expertise in understanding behaviors from the social-emotional lens. Focusing on all aspects of executive functioning skills.
  • Payment accepted: Private pay with superbills provided.
  • Polina’s message: Play to Learn is a neurodiversity consulting practice specializing in Autism, ADHD, learning differences, and mealtime challenges. Polina is a trauma-informed speech-language pathologist, family communication and feeding expert specializing in neurodiversity affirming practices.
  • Email:
  • Website:
Anna Marie Fennell

Anna Marie Fennell, MHC-LP (she/they)

  • Licensure: MHC-LP P117124 in New York
  • Services: Psychotherapy / Mental Health Counseling
  • Payment accepted: Private Pay / Out-of-Network Reimbursement, Sliding Scale + Superbills
  • Anna’s message: When we feel othered, alone, or hopeless — it’s challenging to ask for help. Talking to a therapist can help you feel like yourself again. I help my clients discover the root of their concerns through storytelling, reflecting on their values and desires, and understanding in what ways they’ve adapted to being in the world.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 863-393-8533
  • Website:
Brooke Ward

Brooke Ward, LMFT (She/her)

  • Licensure: Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in NY (001859)
  • Services: Individual, Couples, Family Therapies. I will be certified through AANE as a Neurodiverse Couples Therapist and Coach by the end of Fall 2023. I mainly specialize in individual therapy with ND clients (whom I have had for 3+ years) and recently in the last year helping them realize their ND and unmask. I offer group therapies as well.
  • Payment accepted: Insurance via Headway. Private pay & Superbills if I don’t accept their insurance. Equity pay for those needing access to care. Sliding scale. I am a part of Open Path. 2 pro bono slots.
  • Brooke’s message: My hope and intention is to be listed here to help bring more access to those seeking a safe ND therapist. Personally I’ve had such a hard time finding my own ND providers, and had extra trauma from NT therapists, so I want to ensure others have easier time. I am highly empathetic and like to bring my own humanness to therapy.
  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 585-727-7685
  • Website:
Meaghan Greeley

Meaghan Greeley, LCSW (She/Her)

  • Licensure: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (090523) in NY
  • Services: Individual, Family, and Couple Tele-Psychotherapy, Affirming ADHD and Autism Evaluations and Assessments.
  • Payment accepted: Private pay with a sliding scale, or Out of Network with superbills. I accept all major credit cards as forms of payment.
  • Meaghan’s message: I am a neurodiverse and queer therapist, parent, and advocate. I provide affirming tele-psychotherapy across NY. My approach fosters self-compassion and challenges societal/neurotypical/ableist expectations that lead to burnout, disconnection from your body, anxiety, low self-esteem, and distrusting your own gut.
  • Email:
  • Website:
Julia Rutkovsky

Julia Rutkovsky, LCSW (she/her)

  • Licensure: LCSW (093041) in NY and NJ
  • Services: Individual Therapy for Children and Adolescents, Family Therapy, and Group Therapy
  • Payment accepted: Zelle or Credit Card. I provide superbills for out of network benefits and have a few sliding scale spots open based on need.
  • Julia’s message: Our practice specializes in working with Neurodivergent, Twice-Exceptional, and/or LGBTQ+ children, adolescents, and their families. The practice is owned by Julia Rutkovsky, LCSW, a clinical social worker and psychotherapist.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 914-874-7363
  • Website:
Stephani Jahn

Dr. Stephani Jahn, LMHC (she/her)

  • Licensure: Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida (MH17502), Indiana (39004668A-TH0005528), and New York (014084)
  • Services: Individual online (video) therapy for adults and teens age 18+. Session fees are listed at For information about insurance, see
  • Dr. Stephani Jahn’s message: As an AuDHD therapist, I’m here to help you find your unique path to wellness with a therapy process that’s tailored to you. In our time together, we’ll listen for your deeper needs and also your inner wisdom. We can use creative arts and other experiential options like gently mindful somatic/embodied approaches for a comforting and engaging therapy experience. We’ll help you respond to your inner child and other “parts,” and help your nervous system heal its trauma from individual and collective experiences. My work is founded on anti-oppressive values including autonomy, consent, and neuro-affirming perspectives (including self-recognized neurodivergence). I’d love to help you discover what wellness can look like for you.
  • Website: (visit to book a free 20-minute video consultation)
  • IG: @apathwaytoyou
  • Email:
  • Phone: 352-234-3150
Mere Fitzsimons

Mere Fitzsimons, LMHC (they/them)

  • Licensure: LMHC (012948) in New York
  • Services: Individual psychotherapy for adults
  • Payment accepted: Private pay, sliding scale
  • Mere’s message: As a queer and neurodivergent (formally diagnosed with ADHD in 2004 & self-diagnosed with autism in 2021) therapist, I provide therapy for struggling with anxiety, perfectionism, executive functioning, LGBTQIA+ issues, and identity exploration. Through the use of humor, empathy, and directness, I provide a non-judgmental space for clients to explore their lived experiences and meet their goals.
  • Email:
  • Phone: ‪(917) 426-4014‬
  • Website:
Michaela Hinson

Michaela Hinson, LGSW (she/they)

  • Licensure: LGSW #LG20000267 in Washington DC and LMSW #108596 in New York
  • Services: I specialize in supporting queer individuals navigating Autism, ADHD, and chronic illness intersections. My approach is firmly rooted in the Neurodiversity Affirming Model, which emphasizes social justice and body liberation. Together, we can explore your unique experiences, and ongoing efforts to find comfort in your everyday life.
  • Payment accepted: I accept private pay and can provide superbills for clients seeking out-of-network reimbursement from their insurance. A sliding scale fee option is available. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, as I’m here to help you find the right solution for your needs.
  • Michaela’s message: Many folks may internalize societal messages that suggest they are alone and do not deserve accommodations. In therapy, I create a secure and understanding environment where clients can explore and challenge these beliefs, recognizing that their experiences are shaped by societal norms, rather than individual failings.
  • Email:
  • Phone: (202) 914-5393
  • Website:;
Lex Curry

Lex Curry, LCSW (they/he)

  • Licensure: Licensed Clinical Social Work (LCSW 093243) in New York State
  • Services: ADHD and Autism Assessments, Individual psychotherapy, specializing in trauma-informed care modalities including EMDR, TF-CBT, and DBT. Harm reduction counseling / AOD counseling using motivational interviewing.
  • Forms of payment accepted: Sliding scale and private pay.
  • Lex’s message: I’m a licensed clinical social worker and trauma therapist based in New York City. I’m queer, transgender, chronically ill, and autistic. I specialize in working with folks with stigmatized behaviors and identities, or who are otherwise mistreated and ignored in traditional mental health settings.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 917-426-6915
  • Website:
Kimberly Hertz

Kimberly Hertz, LCSW-R (she/her)

  • Licensure: LCSW-R (084608) in NY
  • Services: Psychotherapy for adults and children
  • Payment accepted: Private pay, sliding scale, submit all oon claims for clients.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 212-951-0947
  • Website:
Mike Ackerman

Mike Ackerman, LMSW

  • Licensure: LMSW (90165) in NY
  • Services: Therapy for teens and adults. Parenting support and school coordination.
  • Payment accepted: Private pay/sliding scale. OON claim submission for clients.
  • Mike’s message: Mike has experience working with clients with a wide range of challenges, including anxiety, depression, general and sexual identity, trauma, and ADHD as well as experience working with the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 9144191464
  • Website:
Katelin Pierce

Katelin Pierce, MHC-LP (She/her)

  • Licensure: MHC-LP (077071) in New York
  • Services: I offer largely individual telehealth (with options for in-person for NYC) to adults and teenagers and have experience running supportive groups for adults with developmental disabilities.
  • Payment accepted: Multiple insurances accepted with a sliding scale and limited PWYC slots available
  • Katelin’s message: I enjoy blending traditional therapy with creative outlets. As someone with both personal and professional experiences working with and dealing with my own neurodivergence has instilled the importance of truly listening to each person I work with and treating them as individuals to help them tailor a path to better mental health.
  • Email:
  • Phone: (347) 687 9929
  • Website:
Stephanie Adams Mendez

Stephanie Adams Mendez, PHD, NCSP (she/her)

  • Licensure: Licensed Psychologist in California (PSY31678), Washington, DC (PSY20001513), Maine (PS2539), New Jersey (35SI00728800), New York (025991), Oregon (3777), and Vermont (048.0134528TELE)
  • Services: Individual, family, telehealth therapy and assessment
  • Stephanie’s message: I provide therapy and assessment services that help clients better understand themselves and how to advocate for their needs in an ableist, difficult world. I utilize a neurodiversity affirming approach to helping clients ages 5 through adulthood. The vast majority of my clients have overlapping neurodivergent identities and diagnoses (Autism, ADHD, OCD). Much of my research and clinical work focuses on promoting family and school-based support for LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent youth. I also train professionals in clinics, hospitals, schools, and universities on how to provide culturally responsive neurodiversity- and gender-affirming care. Proudly representing lived experience as a queer, Latina ADHDer.
  • Website:
  • 310-800-1447
  • Email:
Jesse Kahn

Jesse Kahn, LCSW-R, CST (he/they)
Gender & Sexuality Therapy Center

  • Licensure: LCSW-R (085142 ) and CST in New York and Pennsylvania
  • Services: At the Gender & Sexuality Therapy Center (G&STC), we provide psychotherapy to individuals, relationships (2+ people), families and groups focusing on gender, sexuality, sex, and relationships.
  • Payment accepted: G&STC is in-network with Healthfirst. If you don’t have Healthfirst, our options are: self pay,a sliding scale rate, and using your insurance’s out of network benefits. For those using out of network benefits, we will verify your coverage and provide billing support such as submitting and/or providing superbills.
  • Jesse’s message: We are a New York-based group of psychotherapists providing a range of counseling and therapy services, including psychotherapy, supervision, workshops, and consultation focusing on gender, sexuality, sex, and relationships for individuals, couples, multi-partner relationships, and families.
  • Email:
  • Phone: (646) 797-4340
  • Website:,

Marsha Mandel, LMHC, LPC (she/her/hers)

  • Licensure: LMHC in NY (005972) and LPC in NJ (37PC00845100)
  • Services: Individual therapy for adults, virtual or in-person sessions
  • Payment accepted: Aetna (New York only), private pay, superbills provided upon request, 20% discount for veterans and first responders.
  • Marsha’s message: As someone who identified and was diagnosed AuDHD later in life, and as a parent to two autistic++ children (now adults), my journey has been deeply intertwined with learning and implementing strategies for calmness, clarity, and confidence. Through my practice, I focus on guiding clients through calming, relaxation, and grounding techniques, and equipping them with various strategies for daily use. I assist clients in stepping back to observe their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, enabling them to understand the workings of their own minds and to shift away from negative patterns towards more constructive perspectives. I emphasize the importance of using self-compassion, mindfulness, calming the body, and adopting a nonjudgmental perspective. Utilizing Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) allows me to assist in processing and resolving trauma without the need for sharing details. My fascination with the brain and neuroscience began in 1998, following my daughter’s autism diagnosis, propelling me to return to school in my 40s to become a licensed therapist. Diagnosed myself 3 1/2 years ago, I’m now on a journey of mindful unmasking and connecting the dots. My passion lies in aiding others to achieve the emotional state they desire, regardless of life circumstances, driven by a belief in the possibility of change for everyone.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 845-458-8288
  • Website:
Steven T. Licardi

Steven T. Licardi, LCSW (he/him/his)

  • Licensure: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (096058) in New York and Virginia
  • Services: I offer individual and group psychotherapy online and in-person as well as mentorship, consultations, and life coaching. I use creative arts therapies, including poetry therapy and science fiction, wherever appropriate. My focus areas are Autistic / neurodiverse individuals, artists / creatives, and the subject of whiteness / white supremacy.
  • Payment accepted: I take out of network insurance and self-pay with an equitable sliding scale.
  • Steven’s message: I’m an Autistic social worker, spoken word poet, sci-fi writer, and performance activist. I seek to create with you a shame-free space to engage our curiosities and explore uncomfortable questions. I work with my clients to co-create an environment of trust, honesty, and mutual accountability. I believe in the power of collective liberation and our innate ability to develop. My approach is inclusive of (2S)LGBTQIA+ identities and is rooted in anti-racist practices that decolonize our bodies, minds, and spirits.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 718-509-6632