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Dr. Pali Payne-Storey

Dr. Pali Payne-Storey (she/her)

  • Licensure: New Jersey and Delaware
  • Services: Individual, Family, Parent Training (behavioral issues and children living with learning disabilities), Couples, Group
    Teletherapy and In-office
  • Dr. Pali Payne-Storey is a Psychologist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Wilmington, DE. Dr. Payne-Storey has extensive experience working with the youth population, including children and teenagers. She also works with adults, couples, and families. As a therapist living with dyslexia, Dr. Payne-Storey strives to give her clients the tools to understand and manage their anxiety, depression, and self-esteem while living in a neurotypical society.

Curren M. Whitfield, LCSW (she/her)

  • License of Clinical Social Work, NJ 44SC05712200, Issued 11/22/2016
  • Services: I offer individual play and talk therapy for children 3-18 y/o, accompanied by family sessions and/or parent coaching sessions. In person and teletherapy.
  • Curren’s message: I specialize in therapy for children who are struggling behaviorally or emotionally. With compassion and curiosity, alongside a brain-based framework for understanding the most perplexing behaviors, I serve children ages 3-18 along with those who love them. By utilizing a child’s natural language – the language of play – children establish healthy connections to self and others and are able to process, heal or grow in whatever way they need to.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 201-310-6063
  • Website:
Dani Rodwell

Dani Rodwell, LCSW (she/her)

  • LCSW license in New Jersey, Registered Telehealth Provider in Florida, and Interim Registered Telehealth LICSW in Vermont
  • Services: Autism assessment and individual psychotherapy for neurodivergent and LGBTQIA+/gender-diverse adults in NJ. Neurodiversity-affirming coaching and disability accommodations consultation available nationwide in the United States.
  • Dani’s message: Hi, my name is Dani. I am a neurodivergent, queer, biracial woman. I always work from a place of lived-experience. I really care about helping people become intimately aware of their strengths, needs, and differences, and how to build a life that is more supportive and conducive to their uniqueness. I love the disability and queer communities and have been working in this space for over 7 years. I am inspired and amazed every day by my clients and it fills my spirit to connect with people who exist outside of the “norm.” I prioritize creating a safe, unmasked, and positive space for healing and growth to happen.
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Kerry O'Connor

Kerry O’Connor, LCSW (She, Her)

  • Licensure: Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of NJ (License NJ44S05978600)
  • Services: Individual therapy in the office or virtually. I am also in the process of developing a group for ND individuals.
  • Kerry’s message: I provide a warm, safe, non-judgmental space for ND people to explore their feelings & needs. I work collaboratively with my clients to identify their goals and any barriers that may be preventing them from achieving their goals. I am passionate about teaching ND folks to unmask, heal from internalized ableism, and develop healthy coping skills which help to provide a sense of wellness & peace.
  • Office Address: The Courts of Red Bank | 130 Maple Avenue, Suite 3D | Red Bank, NJ 07701
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Office #: (732) 747-9221
Emily Rudofsky

Emily Rudofsky, LCSW (she/they)

  • Emily Rudofsky, LCSW (she/they) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New Jersey and Pennsylvania providing services including both in-person and telehealth individual, family and group therapy.
  • Services are private pay with the option to receive a superbill for out of network reimbursement from insurance, some sliding scale available as needed.
  • About Me: I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Master’s in Social Work from Rutgers University with intensive training in DBT. I have experience with mood and anxiety symptoms, disordered eating, body image, LGBTQ+ issues, neurodivergent issues, and challenges with adjustment throughout the lifespan. We live in a world that emphasizes a picture of mainstream perfection; encouraging self-criticism, unrealistic expectations, a constant need for productivity, and feelings of shame when this is unsustainable. As someone Queer, Fat, Jewish and Neurodivergent, I understand firsthand how identity and systematic discrimination can play a role in our wellness, as well as how our intersectional identities can bring richness to our lives and relationships. As a therapist, I want to validate and explore the impact our experiences, identities, values and the social/cultural messaging we receive can have on mental health and wellbeing. No two people on this earth are exactly the same, I believe there is no “one size fits all” approach in therapy, and I am dedicated to exploring what works for you without judgement. Let’s work together to find the tools you need to understand and care for yourself with radical self-compassion.
  • To inquire about scheduling/services, please email or call 215-932-9885.
  • My profile page:
Nicole Depasquale

Nicole Depasquale, EDS, LPC, ACS, NCC (She/Her, They/Them)

  • Insurance & Availability: I work with adult clients for individual and couples therapy, as well as life/vocational coaching sessions, in NJ and FL. I am also available for therapy-informed presentations and skill teaching, industry related consultations, and per-diem work. Private pay accepted for those who wish to not utilize insurance. I am in-network for NJ based clients with Horizon BCBS of New Jersey, Aetna, Oxford, Oscar, and United***. Insurance accepted through Headway™. Please visit here for specific insurance plan coverage and availability. Insurance not accepted for FL clients at this time.
    • ***At this time I am unable to accept Medicaid/Medicare, state sponsored insurance plans, insurance for clients based in FL, or for couples counseling. Insurance plan coverage is dependent from plan to plan, regardless of national carrier listed. Please use this Headway link to verify your specific plan’s coverage option. Client’s are responsible for ensuring individual plan coverage, copays, deductible limits, and other limitations/requirements before scheduling.
  • ​My clients: I specialize in helping adults and couples understand their needs, the way they work in the world, and how to move towards their goals. I particularly love helping my clients reduce the discomfort of ADHD and Bipolar symptoms, as well as embrace the uniqueness that these can bring to their lives and personalities. Additionally, I work closely within the LGBTQIA+, non-monogamous, and sex positive communities. Together, with my clients, we have worked through a variety of concerns, including addictions, childhood and adult trauma, personality and mood disorders, depression, anxiety, panic disorders, relationship difficulties, and life transitions.
    • I help clients set themselves up for success through a supportive approach to sessions and growth that is focused on your individuality. Using a variety of techniques, sessions are structured around understanding your needs and experiences, as well as finding ways to help you cope that fit your lifestyle. My goal is creating a space that allows comfort in opening up, as well as fostering your growth and independence in moving forward. Our work together is tailored to you, not to what others may need or want, and designed to get you to a place where you are able to move through life on your own. Together I think we can work to finding you the life worth living you want.
  • Education & Background: I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with the NJ State Board of Marriage and Family Therapy Examiners and a National Certified Counselor with a post-master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Counseling Education from Rider University. Additionally, I am a registered telehealth therapist in the state of Florida. I have training in CBT based therapies such as DBT and REBT, Couples Counseling, LGBTQ+ and Culturally Competent Focused Therapies, Gambling/Substance Addictions Therapies, and Life/Vocational Coaching, among other interventions. As a safe space ally, I am here to provide a supportive relationship and advocate for your needs across all personal and/or cultural identities and expressions. Human rights and equality are an important aspect of my personal and educational background.
    • While my private practice is focused on clients 18 and older, I hold a Student Assistance Coordinator (SAC) certification with the NJ State Board of Education and have worked with children and families in the Monmouth & Ocean County areas.
  • Supervision Services: I am an Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) through the Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE); providing guidance, supervision, and mentorship to Licensed Associate and Professional Counselors in NJ. As a Clinical Coordinator and Program Director, for both a small practice and a large agency, I created and ran therapeutic programs and oversaw staff in multiple dual-diagnosis settings. In addition to providing education and skill trainings to colleagues, I also provided supervision to in-personal and virtual interns and students, as well as helped facilitate peer supervision and DBT consultation groups. I believe supervision is one of the most important aspects of a new clinician’s career, and work towards ensuring all supervision meets your individual goals and needs, using a variety of modalities, skills, and techniques. If you are interested in group or individual supervision, please outreach me via email to set up a time to discuss.
  • Practice Name: Emotional Healing LLC
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • 848.480.1731 (Phone)
  • 888.538.6164 (Fax)
Julia Rutkovsky

Julia Rutkovsky, LCSW (she/her)

  • Licensure: LCSW (093041) in NY and NJ
  • Services: Individual Therapy for Children and Adolescents, Family Therapy, and Group Therapy
  • Payment accepted: Zelle or Credit Card. I provide superbills for out of network benefits and have a few sliding scale spots open based on need.
  • Julia’s message: Our practice specializes in working with Neurodivergent, Twice-Exceptional, and/or LGBTQ+ children, adolescents, and their families. The practice is owned by Julia Rutkovsky, LCSW, a clinical social worker and psychotherapist.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 914-874-7363
  • Website:
Samantha Baney

Samantha Baney, LPC (She/her)

Stephanie Adams Mendez

Stephanie Adams Mendez, PHD, NCSP (she/her)

  • Licensure: Licensed Psychologist in California (PSY31678), Washington, DC (PSY20001513), Maine (PS2539), New Jersey (35SI00728800), New York (025991), Oregon (3777), and Vermont (048.0134528TELE)
  • Services: Individual, family, telehealth therapy and assessment
  • Stephanie’s message: I provide therapy and assessment services that help clients better understand themselves and how to advocate for their needs in an ableist, difficult world. I utilize a neurodiversity affirming approach to helping clients ages 5 through adulthood. The vast majority of my clients have overlapping neurodivergent identities and diagnoses (Autism, ADHD, OCD). Much of my research and clinical work focuses on promoting family and school-based support for LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent youth. I also train professionals in clinics, hospitals, schools, and universities on how to provide culturally responsive neurodiversity- and gender-affirming care. Proudly representing lived experience as a queer, Latina ADHDer.
  • Website:
  • 310-800-1447
  • Email:
Ali Arena

Ali Arena, SLP (she/her)

  • Licensure: Speech Language Pathologist (14039162) in NJ, CA, CO
  • Services: ADHD coaching, Neurodiverse Couples Counseling, Neurodiversity Affirming Speech Therapy
  • Payment accepted: Private pay and provide super bills
  • Ali’s message: I am an educational psychologist, speech-language pathologist, board-certified behavior analyst, neurodiverse couples counselor, and a proud ADHDer. I am passionate about social cognition, language processing, executive functioning, and creating meaningful friendships & relationships. I am an interpersonal detective who searches for patterns to increase connection either in romantic relationships, friendships, or parent-child dynamics.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 610-306-7979
  • Website:

Marsha Mandel, LMHC, LPC (she/her/hers)

  • Licensure: LMHC in NY (005972) and LPC in NJ (37PC00845100)
  • Services: Individual therapy for adults, virtual or in-person sessions
  • Payment accepted: Aetna (New York only), private pay, superbills provided upon request, 20% discount for veterans and first responders.
  • Marsha’s message: As someone who identified and was diagnosed AuDHD later in life, and as a parent to two autistic++ children (now adults), my journey has been deeply intertwined with learning and implementing strategies for calmness, clarity, and confidence. Through my practice, I focus on guiding clients through calming, relaxation, and grounding techniques, and equipping them with various strategies for daily use. I assist clients in stepping back to observe their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, enabling them to understand the workings of their own minds and to shift away from negative patterns towards more constructive perspectives. I emphasize the importance of using self-compassion, mindfulness, calming the body, and adopting a nonjudgmental perspective. Utilizing Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) allows me to assist in processing and resolving trauma without the need for sharing details. My fascination with the brain and neuroscience began in 1998, following my daughter’s autism diagnosis, propelling me to return to school in my 40s to become a licensed therapist. Diagnosed myself 3 1/2 years ago, I’m now on a journey of mindful unmasking and connecting the dots. My passion lies in aiding others to achieve the emotional state they desire, regardless of life circumstances, driven by a belief in the possibility of change for everyone.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 845-458-8288
  • Website:
Nanette Farrell

Nanette Farrell, LPC, PMH-C (she/her/hers)

  • Licensure: Licensed Professional Counselor (PC009782 in Pennsylvania) and New Jersey (37PC01018500), PMH-C (Perinatal Mental Health Certified), Mental Health Interstate Telehealth Registration (MI-0000043) in Delaware
  • Services: Individual Psychotherapy, Couples Counseling, Group Psychotherapy (Virtual only)
  • Payment accepted: Insurance – Aetna, Optum/UHC, BCBS MA. Accepting HSA/FSA and will provide superbills.
  • Nanette’s message: I have lived experience and professional specialization in maternal mental health, relationships, adult ADHD, and mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. Other common stressors and themes that clients and I work through are life transitions, parenting challenges, job and career dissatisfaction, grief, loss, and overall sense of feeling not “good enough.” As a therapist, I practice from a culturally sensitive, compassion focused, and neuro-affirming lens, utilizing cognitive behavioral and acceptance-based modalities, with trauma informed care and consideration. As a person, I am a cisgender heterosexual AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) woman (she/her/hers). I’m a millennial, I’m a mom, I’m neurodivergent, and many other things. I value social and racial justice, body acceptance, consent and autonomy. I consider myself a HAES-affirming, LGBQTIA+ allied, anti-racist practitioner, aligned with the social model of disability and the neurodiversity paradigm/movement.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 4847398035
  • Website: