Dr. Pali Payne-Storey

Dr. Pali Payne-Storey (she/her)

  • Licensure: New Jersey and Delaware
  • Services: Individual, Family, Parent Training (behavioral issues and children living with learning disabilities), Couples, Group
    Teletherapy and In-office
  • Dr. Pali Payne-Storey is a Psychologist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Wilmington, DE. Dr. Payne-Storey has extensive experience working with the youth population, including children and teenagers. She also works with adults, couples, and families. As a therapist living with dyslexia, Dr. Payne-Storey strives to give her clients the tools to understand and manage their anxiety, depression, and self-esteem while living in a neurotypical society.
  • https://zencare.co/provider/therapist/pali-payne-storey
  • https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/pali-payne-storey-wilmington-de/383039

Curren M. Whitfield, LCSW (she/her)

  • License of Clinical Social Work, NJ 44SC05712200, Issued 11/22/2016
  • Services: I offer individual play and talk therapy for children 3-18 y/o, accompanied by family sessions and/or parent coaching sessions. In person and teletherapy.
  • Curren’s message: I specialize in therapy for children who are struggling behaviorally or emotionally. With compassion and curiosity, alongside a brain-based framework for understanding the most perplexing behaviors, I serve children ages 3-18 along with those who love them. By utilizing a child’s natural language – the language of play – children establish healthy connections to self and others and are able to process, heal or grow in whatever way they need to.
  • Email: currenwhitfieldlcsw@gmail.com
  • Phone: 201-310-6063
  • Website: currenwhitfieldlcsw.com
Dani Rodwell

Dani Rodwell, LCSW (she/her)

  • LCSW license in New Jersey, Registered Telehealth Provider in Florida, and Interim Registered Telehealth LICSW in Vermont
  • Services: Autism assessment and individual psychotherapy for neurodivergent and LGBTQIA+/gender-diverse adults in NJ. Neurodiversity-affirming coaching and disability accommodations consultation available nationwide in the United States.
  • Dani’s message: Hi, my name is Dani. I am a neurodivergent, queer, biracial woman. I always work from a place of lived-experience. I really care about helping people become intimately aware of their strengths, needs, and differences, and how to build a life that is more supportive and conducive to their uniqueness. I love the disability and queer communities and have been working in this space for over 7 years. I am inspired and amazed every day by my clients and it fills my spirit to connect with people who exist outside of the “norm.” I prioritize creating a safe, unmasked, and positive space for healing and growth to happen.
  • Website: www.neurosparkhealth.com
  • Email: dani@neurosparkhealth.com
  • Psychology Today: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/dani-rodwell-fort-lee-nj/1119931
Kerry O'Connor

Kerry O’Connor, LCSW (She, Her)

  • Licensure: Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of NJ (License NJ44S05978600)
  • Services: Individual therapy in the office or virtually. I am also in the process of developing a group for ND individuals.
  • Kerry’s message: I provide a warm, safe, non-judgmental space for ND people to explore their feelings & needs. I work collaboratively with my clients to identify their goals and any barriers that may be preventing them from achieving their goals. I am passionate about teaching ND folks to unmask, heal from internalized ableism, and develop healthy coping skills which help to provide a sense of wellness & peace.
  • Office Address: The Courts of Red Bank | 130 Maple Avenue, Suite 3D | Red Bank, NJ 07701
  • Website: www.redbankcounseling.com/kerry-oconnor-msw-lcsw/
  • Email: info@redbankcounseling.com
  • Office #: (732) 747-9221