Annabelle van Nieuwkoop-Read, HCPC (She/Her)

  • Licensure: HCPC (AS09785) in the Netherlands and UK
  • Services: Neurodiversity-affirming therapeutic counselling, training and consultation. Supporting individuals, couples and families in The Netherlands and Globally (online).
  • Payment accepted: Private. Lower scale for low income/students.
  • Annabelle’s message: I value the importance of bringing my whole self to the work I do. I offer a relationship-based therapeutic experience grounded in my training as an Arts Therapist, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and Autism specialist. I am a reliable and experienced therapist who specialises in working with neurodivergent individuals. The therapeutic counselling I offer follows no one-set-fits-all script or protocol. I take the time to observe, listen and acknowledge what the client brings to the therapeutic space. I may guide the client by suggesting they draw or write what they are experiencing. There may be moments of silence too, sitting with that silence can have meaning and purpose. Together with the client, we find ways to facilitate change and encourage exploration of feelings with non-judgment and self-love. Through this process, clients can learn what their values and needs are in life and how to express these to others. I identify as Neurodivergent and have two Neurodivergent children. I value working in diverse environments, alongside the therapy I offer via Nurturing Neurodiversity Netherlands I work as a freelance Student Counsellor at an Codam College (Amsterdam) and as a freelance Counsellor for Linden Global Education.
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  • Phone: +31627370290
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