Rachel Leah Kraus, LCSW-C (she/her)

  • LCSW-C (Licensed Certified Social Worker- Clinical) in Maryland
  • Individual and family therapy for 16+, all teletherapy in the state of Maryland, Executive function and emotional regulation coaching via telehealth anywhere in the United States, clinical supervision to LMSW and LGPCs in Maryland seeking advanced licensure, and clinical case consultation through lens of autistic lived experience for clinicians struggling with cases.
  • Rachel’s message: “LGBQIA + trans affirmative, neurodiversity affirmative dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), Exposure response prevention (ERP), Prolonged Exposure (PE) for autistic and ADHD individuals who struggle with OCD, anxiety, depression, mood dysregulation, complex trauma, and other related conditions.”
  • Website: www.krauspsychotherapy.com
Laura Morlok

Laura Morlok, LCPC, LPC, RPT-S (she/her)

  • Licensure: MD, DC, VA
  • Group Practice: Playful Therapy Connections
  • Services: We are a fully virtual practice offering individual therapy, group therapy, play therapy and parenting support.
  • Laura’s message: We specialize in supporting neurodivergent kids (3yo+), teens, young adults & families. This includes focusing on anxiety, depression, & navigating a NT-world while being autistic and/or an ADHD’r as well as related parenting support. As I am a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor, my team & I use a combination of Play Therapy & filial-based interventions with a person-centered approach.
  • Website: www.playfultherapy.net
  • FB: https://www.facebook.com/playfultherapymaryland/
  • IG: https://www.instagram.com/playfultherapy_maryland/?hl=en
Becca Gibson

Becca Gibson (she/they)

  • LCSW-C in Maryland #24900
  • Services: Providing virtual individual (16+), family, and couples therapy, parent coaching, and case consultation.
  • Becca’s message: Becca Gibson, LCSW-C, specializes in working with people who have experienced complex trauma, including persistent struggles originating years in the past. She cares deeply about supporting neurodivergent individuals and families and has worked with autistic people for more than 10 years. She also has experience working with LGBTQIA+ and members of other marginalized communities. Becca believes in the power of empathy and authenticity in the therapeutic relationship. She works collaboratively with clients and believes in each individual’s innate capacity for healing and growth. She values supporting fellow empaths and caregivers, including those who identify as “Highly Sensitive Persons” (HSPs).
  • Contact: becca@starobincounseling.com
  • Website: https://meetmonarch.com/therapist/rebecca-gibson-lcsw-c-neurodiversity-affirming-therapist-olney-md
Ashley Grubbs

Ashley Grubbs, LPC (she/her)

  • LPC in licensed in TX, CO, MD, VA
  • Services: individual and couples/sex counseling counseling
  • Ashley’s message: I work with adults individually or in a couples setting to assist them in creating the life they want to have, working with their neurodiversity instead of against it. I specialize in sex therapy and feel strongly that everyone, regardless of neurotype, deserves their ideal sex life.
  • https://www.blueharbortherapy.com/
  • ashley@blueharbortherapy.com
  • 571-305-0615
Courtney Hart

Courtney Hart, LCSW-C (she/her)

  • LCSW-C in Maryland
  • Services: Individual Therapy, Social Groups (building authentic connection through shared interest and experience not social skills training), Parent Consultation (short-term and ongoing), Group Therapy, In-Person Services in Bel Air, Maryland, Telehealth Services for all of Maryland
  • Courtney’s message: I work best with children who have BIG, confusing feelings and don’t tend to respond well to CBT workbooks or traditional parenting approaches like counting, sticker charts, or time-out. As a neurodivergent human myself, I remember how frustrating the labeling of my feelings were to me and how I despised the expectation that I follow adults’ advice because they ‘are older.’ Rather than being the “expert” (read: robot) who rambles off unilateral solutions and approaches, I prefer a collaborative approach to therapy and parent consultation sessions. I don’t “fix” children or “modify” behavior; I build upon strengths and interests to help my clients (and their caregivers) figure out ways that work for them to help them be able to thrive in a society that wasn’t built for those of us outside of the ‘norm,’ My approaches build upon the work of looking for what’s underneath challenging behavior and focusing on helping the entire family regulate and collaborate. With clients, I utilize child-centered play, animal-assisted interventions, walk & talk sessions, ACT, and mindfulness-based CBT. In parent consultation sessions, I build upon the work of those with lived experience along with neurodiversity-affirming researchers. If you think I would be a helpful fit for your family, and you’re willing to do the work alongside your child, please reach out to me today!
  • hello@healinghartwellness.com
  • www.healinghartwellness.com
  • 443-594-2626
  • @hart_wellness on Instagram and Twitter
  • https://facebook.com/healinghartwellnessllc
Jennifer Sevier

Jenn Sevier, LPC, LCPC (she/they)

  • Founder of Authentic Therapy Services, LLC
  • Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania (PC011375); Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Board Approved Supervisor in Maryland (LC4572)
  • Services: Individual therapy for adults (18+) across PA and MD via telehealth, Clinical Supervision, Case Consultation
  • Coming Soon (Spring / Summer 2023): Gender Affirming Care Letters (free of charge); Neurodiversity-Affirming Autism and ADHD Assessments
  • Jenn’s Message: I am a queer, late-diagnosed Autistic ADHD’er providing neurodiversity and LGBTQIA+ affirming therapy via telehealth. Despite being in the mental health field for over 14 years, it was not until my own journey as a late-diagnosed neurodivergent individual that I decided to focus on the unique needs of ND clients who are navigating the obstacles of living within a neurotypical societal framework. I consider my clients to be the ultimate authority on their lived experiences, and strive to foster a space of safety, validation, and personal exploration. My approach is primarily person-centered with a strong emphasis on the values of authenticity, curiosity, and self-advocacy. All services are grounded in an anti-oppression framework and are affirmative of: Neurodiversity, LGBTQIA+, Gender and Sexual Identities, Kink /Sexual Outsiders, and Polyamory / Ethically Nonmonogamous Relationship Structures.
  • Website: www.authentictherapyservices.com
  • Email: info@authentictherapyservices.com
  • Phone: (717) 819-9500