Conni Schwaerzer-Dutta

Conni Schwaerzer Dutta (she)

  • Certified Neurodiverse Couples Therapist (AANE, Asperger/Autism Network, USA) and Certified Basic Consultant of Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP World Association of Positive Psychotherapy, Germany)
  • Services: Couple counseling for neurodiverse couples. Counseling on relationship issues and autism for adult individuals, families, polycules or teams. Lectures and trainings on autism and neurodiversity for professionals and organizations. Services via videoconference, chat, telephone or in person in Berlin, Germany. Sliding scale, average price 1€/minute (60€ for a 1 hour-session).
  • Conni’s message: Being autistic in a happy neurodiverse relationship and marriage for over 20 years with children and grandchildren, I love to give other autistic people and neurodiverse couples hope, understanding and tools for navigating the big and small surprises and conflicts of couple and family life. Through counseling and publications I hope to empower and encourage autistic and neurodivergent people and those who love them to create the lives and relationships that suit their needs and wishes. I am experienced with trauma and passionate about social justice. Affirming neurodiversity means affirming all kinds of human diversity for me. LGBTIQP+ persons and constellations are welcome. I identify as a mix between woman and agender and have cis, heterosexual, white and middle-class privilege. As an experienced diversity and inclusion trainer I also offer lectures and trainings on autism and neurodiversity from an anti-bias/anti-discrimination perspective.
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