All Things Autie: – Minna Abassi helps auties create sustainable and authentic lives through neurodiversity-affirming coaching. Specialties include: burnout recovery, employment, accommodations, and queer/kink/poly topics.

Alexandra Vassar, AKA AuTeaHD_Goblin: or – Alexandra is an Autistic BCBA specializing in Neuro-Inclusive and trauma-assumed environmental analysis, and is a disability justice advocate exploring liberation through multi-media artistry.

Ashley Godfrey: & – Ashley is a Neurodivergent-Affirming Academic and Life Coach with 10 years of experience working with an abundance of other neurotypes on Executive Function and motivation development for their career, school, relationships, and mental health.

Autism Personal Coach: – Founded by Doug Blecher, Autism Personal Coach provides Autistic adults and teens hard to find support to live self sufficient and purpose-driven lives through their coaching and community events.

Life Skills Advocate: – “Life Skills Advocate provides executive function coaching and resources for neurodivergent teens, adults and families. Our coaches, all of whom have lived and professional experience with neurodivergence, offer real-life practical strategies in academics, career, daily living, and more, addressing the unique executive functioning challenges our clients face to empower them to navigate their neurodiversity with greater confidence.”

Matthew Lawrence: – “I work with my fellow autistic adults in order to empower them with advocacy methods and self-care tools for living in an NT world. I have a particular focus working with autistic expats, immigrants, technology professionals, and entrepreneurs. Beyond my 1-on-1 coaching work I lead a number of workshops for newly and late identified autistics as well as free monthly discussion circles and support groups for a variety of demographics.”

NeuroSpark Health: – NeuroSpark Health is a fully neurodivergent team of providers who offer neurodiversity-affirming coaching services worldwide. (Also offering consultation services for clinicians!)

Patricia Young, MSW (she/her): – Coaching for brains that are wired differently. I know what it’s like to feel like a misfit. Specialities: late diagnosis autism, relationships, communication, parenting neurodivergent kids, perfectionism, boundaries & healing inner wounds. I also have a podcast called Unapologetically Sensitive.

Rainbow Chrysalis Coaching: – Bowie Winnike, MSW (they /them) offers support for gender exploration, education, and ADHD coaching services in English and ASL.

Robin Tate, LLC: – Coaching and education services for neurodivergent people and their relationships.

Tasha Chemel: – Executive functioning coaching.