Katrina Schwarz

Katrina Schwarz (she/her)

  • Professional Association: Level 2 Australian Counselling Association. Masters of Counselling. AHPRA Registered Midwife.
  • Business name: Stop, Collaborate and Listen Counselling
  • Services: I offer individual, couples, children and families counselling, including plan and self managed NDIS clients. I offer multiple face to face options in South East Queensland and/or zoom sessions.
  • Katrina’s message: I am a proud Autistic/ADHD/PDA woman. My framework for practice stems from a neurodiversity affirmative lens, where I believe in living authentically, recognising and using your well established strengths, and developing a strong sense of ND pride. Unburdening yourself from the mask as you learn to honour your neurotype in your daily life is one of the most liberating experiences and I wish it for every ND person. Whether you choose me as your counsellor or not, please continue forward so others around you can have the privilege to experience the spectacular person you truly are, free of the mask and trauma.
  • http://stopcollaborateandlisten.com.au/
  • https://autisticcounsellor.com.au/
  • Email:info@yourcounsellor.net.au
  • Mobile:0474 594 446
  • Fb: @stopcollaborateandlistencounselling
  • Insta: @Stop.collaborate.and.listen.au
Shazzy Tharby

Shazzy Tharby (she/they)

  • Counselling Psychotherapist, Clinical Nurse Consultant, and Credentialed Mental Health Nurse
  • Australian-based but serve worldwide (except USA and Canada)
  • Services: Individuals, Couples, Families, Teenagers, Children, and NDIS clients
  • Shazzy’s message: Shazzy is a UK trained and credentialed Counselling Psychotherapist and Mental Health Nurse with over 25 years’ experience working with a range of clients, including children, teens, parents, and young adults. Shazzy is autistic and ADHD herself and has autistic and ADHD children and an ADHDer husband and therefore understands the neurodivergent (ND) experience from both a personal and professional point of view from many angles. Shazzy works from a neurodivergent affirming perspective and is considered an expert in the field, regularly giving training and talks on the topic worldwide. Shazzy is multi-cultural, multilingual and has qualifications in Teaching English as a Second Language. Having experienced living in many different countries herself and speaking languages that aren’t her first language. Shazzy is very patient with those whose first language isn’t English. Shazzy enjoys working with clients with a range of mental health issues, disabilities and/ or complex family factors, as well as neurotypical (NT) individuals who prefer to see her for various reasons.
  • You can find Shazzy on Linked In where she writes regularly: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shazzy-t-23752b9
  • Website: https://positivelyliving.com.au/
  • Email: positivelyliving@protonmail.com