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Christine MacInnis

Christine MacInnis, LMFT (she/her)

  • Licensed as an LMFT in CA #46382 and AZ #15504
  • Services: Telehealth and in person for children, teens, adults, couples and psychological testing, EMDR trauma work and consulting from a LGBTQIA+ and neuro-diverse affirmative lens
  • Christine’s message: “We provide a therapeutic space that supports ages 5 to 100 with therapists who nuture and celebrate neurodiversity and LGBTQIA identities while insuring the care they give is anti-racist informed and culturally sensitive. We provide psychological testing for ages 5 to 22, an EMDR certified therapist who works from a neuro-diverse informed lens as a lived experienced provider (ADHD) and therapy for children, teens, adults and couples.”
  • Website:
  • IG: transcends_therapy
Elle Bailey

Elle Bailey, LPC (they/them)

  • Licensure: LPC in Arizona
  • Services: Individual adults
  • Elle’s message: I’m a neuroqueer therapist working from a person-centered, collaborative and relational viewpoint. I believe that many of our struggles stem from the ways we relate to ourselves, one another and our wider communities and planet. I bring lived experience with autism, ADHD and chronic illness, informed by an abolitionist, feminist, and anti-ableist lens. I strive to provide a brave space of support, acceptance and compassion.
    • I mainly approach change via ACT, psychodynamic, narrative and existentialist modalities. I integrate Liberation, Buddhist, and Depth Psychology perspectives to include social justice, mindfulness practices, and working with dreams, symbols and the unconscious. Together we will reduce anxiety or depression, create healthier boundaries, improve communication, and increase self-acceptance. I also have experience in grief/loss, adoption, consensual non-monogamy and religious trauma.
    • My clinical focus is working with ADHDers and late identified autistics (professionally or self diagnosed). I work with my clients to identify the ways neurodivergence shows up in their lives; brainstorm positive approaches to challenges they experience; figure out accommodations and self-advocacy; build executive functioning, time management, and emotional regulation skills; and most importantly accept and embrace their neurodivergent identity and increase their sense of self-worth.
    • I work with adults via telehealth and my practice is LGBTQIA and BIPOC inclusive and affirming.
  • Cathexis 6280 E Pima Street, Suite 100 Tucson, Arizona 85712
  • Phone: 520.329.1250
  • Website:
Halina Brooke

Halina Brooke, LAMFT, LAC (she/her)

  • LAMFT and LAC, both in Arizona.
  • Services include individual from 12 – 120 years old, families (chosen and given), relational (couple, marriage, polycule, etc. Kink and queer friendly), groups, intensives, both in person and online throughout Arizona. Our office is sensory-aware, wheelchair accessible, and comfortable for clients of all sizes and genders.
  • Halina’s message: Recourse Counseling is a RADICALLY AFFIRMING practice. Every piece of you, even those that traditional diversity structures don’t make space for, is welcome here! We are especially passionate about serving the neurodivergent community (and family members) as well as those who’ve experienced trauma from authority structures within society, like previous therapy and mental health care, as well as education and religious institutions. We strongly believe that therapy is not top-down, and that your existing wisdom and lived experiences matter, and are key to living your best life. We’re here to support you, as we steer this ship together.
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  • Website:
  • Phone: 602-787-0600 (voicemail only; clients provided with client line upon starting therapy)
  • Email:
  • Scheduling:
  • Note: Please email or schedule on Calendly to inquire about becoming a client. Private pay, sliding scale available and groups are compassionately priced.
Rachelle Friedman

Rachelle Friedman, LCSW (she/her/hers)

  • Licensure: Arizona, LCSW-17560
  • Services: individual, family, only teletherapy
  • Rachelle’s message: I am an EMDR therapist who helps my clients process ableism and consciously unmask. My process involves meeting people where they are at, and helping them process through their experiences. I work on the trauma of living as an ND person in the world of systemic ableism.
  • Phone: (480)568-2543
  • Email:
  • IG/TikTok: @brainysocialworker
Meira Greenfeld

Meira Greenfeld, LCSW

  • Licensure: LCSW licensed in USA/Arizona
  • Services: Offer individual, group and family therapy in person and virtually (teletherapy primarily).
  • Mission: I bring a social justice perspective to my clinical work as an independently licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and Harvard Law graduate. Prior to becoming a trauma therapist, I provided advocacy work in community settings that included setting up a 501C3 Job Training Center after civil unrest in Compton, California. As such, empowerment and inclusivity are core values underlying the services I provide. My work is attachment focused and many of my clients seek help for relational issues. My interest in this work is both personal and professional.
    • In addition to trauma specific services for individuals, I provide family therapy from a trauma based and attachment focused perspective that supports social engagement, self-regulation and self-awareness around physiological states associated with the autonomic nervous system. I also run parent assisted co-regulation groups for adolescents designed to facilitate social engagement and connection while affirming neurodivergent identity.
    • As a Certified Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist, I also facilitate advocacy that shifts focus on impairments or differences of the individual to their strengths and targets environmental barriers such as social exclusion to improve the quality of life for autistic individuals and their families.
    • To be supportive of families, I offer single sessions around single goals, free support workshops/webinars as well as more conventional sessions. My groups are compassionately priced. I also offer clinically emerging interventions such as the Safe and Sound protocol that have demonstrated improved outcomes that include enhanced communication and relational satisfaction by decreasing the anxiety that can result in oppositional behavior or meltdowns. In addition, I am EMDR trained and have extensive experience/training in other somatically based interventions such as Ego State Therapy, Polyvagal Theory and Brainspotting.
  • Website: (Therapy)
  • Website: (Custom Services)
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Best way to reach me is via text to number on the site or via website contact box.
Tena Thomas

Tena Thomas, LPC (She/Her)

  • Licensure: LPC in Arizona, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania
  • Services: Individual therapy- telehealth and out of network with insurance providers.
  • Tena’s message: I work with neurodivergent people to help them understand and accept themselves. It can be difficult to navigate a neurotypical world. I will help you uncover the messages you have absorbed from other people and find those “lightbulb” moments of insight and understanding. We will laugh, cry, and learn together while guiding you towards healing. I tailor treatments to your needs and offer EMDR and DBT as well as other treatments. I’m here to accept you as you are, while also being real with you to help move you towards your goals.
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 480-463-4043 (text or call)
  • IG:

PsychCare Anywhere

  • We serve OH, IL, OR, WA, and AZ.
  • We provide cash-pay and insurance therapy services as well as psychiatry. (Due to insurance contracts we are cash-pay only for ASD evals but this can be spread out over several sessions). We do accept insurance for ADHD evals and treatment.
  • We are passionate about neurodiversity and care of marginalized populations.
  • Website:
  • Email:
Richard Rodgers

Richard Rodgers, LCSW (He)

  • Licensure: LCSW (34008256A) in Illinois, Indiana, and Arizona (LCSW-21892)
  • Services: I am mainly a trauma and addictions counselor although I have worked with many types of patients. I can see teens, adults, and couples.
  • Payment accepted: Certain insurances and Credit Card
  • Richard’s message: I am a veteran and social worker. I specialize in addiction and trauma. The thing about trauma is most people who go to therapy will carry some kind of trauma. I work strictly online. I am also a 500 hour registered yoga teacher. I love cats and dogs.
  • Richard offers 5-10 minute consultations. You can call and leave a message at 812-251-5034.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 812-512-5034
  • Website: